Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Whirlwind

When I moved to France back in 2006, I spent my first weekend visiting my in-laws in Normandie. I walked into my husband's childhood bedroom (his closet still filled with bad jeans and sweatshirts from his high school days), and on the bed lay a CD of Jeanne Moreau; it was a sweet welcome gesture from my mère-in-law.

Despite my francophile ways, I hadn't heard of her before, although she remains one of the most celebrated and ubiquitous of French celebs. I've since become enamored with her and can barely pass a day in Paris without coming across her
visage gracing the cover of a magazine or seeing her on one of the many French talk shows. (NB: Her name came up more recently after Natasha Richardson's tragic accident- Natasha's dad left her mom, Vanessa Redgrave, for Jeanne).

Perhaps Moreau's most famous film is Francois Truffault's Jules et Jim, a story of a very complex love triangle. Here is a scene from it where Moreau, as Catherine, is singing "Le Tourbillon," or The Whirlwind, which I find utterly charming. It includes English subtitles. I practice my French trying to sing it.

She's lost her voice now, thanks to the many french fags she smokes, but still sings and remains one very cool cat. meow.

photo by Dusty Groove America

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